Taxi and Minicab driver training

As you are aware, on the 12th of February the Government published its response to the report of the Chair of the Task and Finish Group on Taxi and PHV licensing. The report set out guidelines for reforming the regulation of the taxi and PHV sector, specifically ensuring the passenger is at the heart of its thinking.

The report recommended that all licensing authorities should use their existing powers to require that taxi and PHV drivers undergo disability awareness and equality training, as part of national minimum standards (NMS). The government supported the recommendations and intends for the training requirements to be included in the NMS.

You can read the government’s response to the report by following this link:

However, there has been no implementation timeframe set. On the 7th of May 2019, the MP for South Holland and The Deepings asked the Minister what timeframe was being brought forward for the reform of these laws.  The Minister stated that the eventual requirement and supporting guidance will first be informed by a public consultation and research; following this the legislation will be brought forward when parliamentary time allows.

Prior to recess, the parliamentary calendar was inundated with business due to the amount of legislation that was being passed through the house. Once the House returns and parliamentary time allows, I am certain the necessary legislation will be brought forward.