Minister of State for Health sends “Dear Colleague” letter about No Deal contingency plans

The Minister of State for Health, Stephen Hammond,  wrote a “Dear Colleague” letter on the 27th of June to  inform MPs of the departments progress with their contingency plans in the event of a “No Deal” Brexit. You can view the full letter below.

The Minister refers to the complexity of preparing for a “no deal” and the risks it leaves the healthcare sector vulnerable to. Furthermore, the Minister discusses that since the article 50 extension, the government has been reviewing its “reasonable worst case scenario” assumptions; since March there has been no material changes in these assumptions.

I am sure you have heard me speak about the importance of the UK avoiding a No Deal on the 31st of October. A No Deal would be utterly catastrophic for the UK; if we have no formal deal on the 31st of October there will be no transition period. That means on the 1st of November we will have no security arrangements, no travel or visa systems, full third country tariffs, no medicine recognition, goods and medical supplies will not flow and there will be hard border installed in Ireland. I will never support this.