“I’ll keep pushing for cross-party working” Heidi Allen writes article for the Observer

In an article published by The Observer, Heidi Allen discusses the newly launched “Unite to Remain”, the result of Brecon byelection and the importance of MPs working in the best interest of the country, instead of putting party allegiance first.

Heidi discusses the launch of “Unite to Remain” and how the project has already shown that remain parties can work together if they are willing to put country before party. Heidi says that she will “keep pushing for cross-party working for as long as [she is] privileged to be in a position of influence.”

Furthermore, she discusses that the importance of working together has never been more necessary as “the threat of a Boris Johnson premiership is no longer a threat – it’s a living, breathing, capital punishment-supporting home secretary, billion-pound no-deal spend chancellor reality.”

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