Heidi Allen supports legal bid to prevent Boris Johnson proroguing parliament

Heidi Allen and a group of more than 70 cross-party MPs have supported The Good Law Project and backed legal action to prevent the Prime Minister from being able to prorogue parliament.

As it stands, the UK is on track to leave the EU on the 31st of October with or without a deal. The majority of MPs are against a no-deal Brexit as it would be utterly disastrous for our economy, security, trade and immigration sectors – to name a few. The current Prime Minister has refused to rule out the suggestion that he would prorogue  parliament in the run up to exit date.

Heidi and a number of other MPs, including the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson,  Labour MP Jess Phillips and SNP MP Joanna Cherry argue that shutting down parliament in this manner would be unlawful.

The Good Law Project, with the backing of over 70 MPs, have asked the Court of Session in Scotland to declare it unlawful for the Prime Minister to advise the Queen to close down parliament.

The legal papers, which were lodged at Scotland’s highest court,  have recently been published by the court and claim that proroguing parliament ahead of Brexit would have “irreversible legal, constitutional, and practical implications for the UK.”