Heidi Allen MP writes article for The Sun calling for an end to the Universal Credit five week wait

Heidi Allen MP asks The Sun Readership how they would cope “having no money in the bank”  and then being told they “won’t have any coming in for five weeks”,  unless they are willing to go further into debt. This is the stark reality thousands of Universal Credit claimants face every day due to the five week wait.

In an article published by The Sun, Heidi Allen presents the impossible situation Universal Credit claimants are faced with : no money for five weeks, or taking out a loan and facing even more debt.

In the article, Heidi explains why the governments “advance payment” solution does no more than push vulnerable claimants into further debt. Heidi’s position on Work and Pensions Select Committee has allowed her to hear the “heart-wrenching” reality of Universal Credit for thousands of claimants.

Heidi believes that by making “the advance payment the first payment and not a loan to pay back” the government could prevent thousands of people falling into poverty.

You can read the full article following the link.

Additionally, you can see Heidi raising the issue of the five week wait in Westminster under the “Universal Credit” section of this website.