Heidi Allen MP “If Theresa May wants a real legacy, she should stop the Universal Credit fiasco that drives women into sex work”

In an article published by The Independent, Heidi Allen MP urges the Prime Minister to end her Premiership as she began “fighting hard for the just about managing.”

In the article, Heidi discusses the challenges people with no financial resilience face when the welfare safety net, Universal Credit, is “pushing them further into poverty, hardship and destitution.”

Heidi explains how the Universal Credit five week wait is leaving the most vulnerable in society without money in their pockets or food in their cupboards. Consequentially women are being driven to sex work, which Heidi has heard first hand experiences of through her position on the Work and Pensions Select Committee.

Heidi argues that the government’s advance payment solution to the five week wait does nothing more than “push people further into debt and poverty as it’s a loan that must be repaid.” For Heidi and the most vulnerable, the answer is clear “make any advance payment, their first payment”.

You can read the full article by following this link.