Heidi Allen announces launch of “Unite to Remain”

Heidi Allen has announced the launch of the organisation “Unite to Remain”, where she will sit as Chair for the advisory council. A statement from Unite to Remain can be seen below.

“Unite to Remain wants to change the way we do politics. In preparation for a General Election, we are working to build a #RemainAlliance to win in Westminster, by bringing together the Remain parties and Independent MPs. We need as many people as possible working together, across party boundaries, to change the Brexit trajectory our country is now on.

The problem is this: if we continue to work along traditional party lines, we will split our vote, allowing the ideological fringes of our politics to win. We must not allow the UK to crash out of the EU without a deal, and in just a few weeks, we may have a Prime Minister intent on taking the UK out of the EU with or without Parliament and the public’s support.

We need to move fast and we need to think smart. So right now, we are bringing together great MPs, Remain party machinery, the latest polling, data insights and donations in the biggest drive yet to equalise the ability of Remain parties, and free-thinking Independent MPs to break through the first past the post electoral system. We will be the facilitator – providing resources and space for new discussions between MPs, encouraging them to agree to work together for the greater goal. We must do this. We can do this. We’re going to get ready for a General Election. We’re ready to change the path our country is headed on. We’re ready to Unite to Remain.”

To find out more about Unite to Remain through their website, you can click this link.

To read more about the launch,  please click here.