11th March 2019 - Brexit Update From Heidi Allen MP

This week will be one of the most important weeks for our country. On the 12th of March the Prime Minister will return to the House of Commons to outline any further changes to her deal, such as she has secured with the EU. There will then be a meaningful vote on her deal where Parliament will once again be asked to support or reject it.

As I write this, I am hearing no reassurances that the Prime Minister has managed to secure any significant changes to either the Withdrawal Agreement, nor future Political Declaration. If that remains the case, I will vote against it. I will not be bullied into accepting a deal that 432 MPs voted against on January 15 simply because of the increasing perceived threat of “no deal.” I will not support a deal that risks making my constituents and our country poorer.

If the Prime Minister’s deal is rejected, she will table a motion in the Commons asking for “explicit consent” to move forward with a “no deal” Brexit. This vote has been promised on Wednesday 13 March.

Leaving the EU on March 29 with no deal in place would be utterly catastrophic for our country. I and the vast majority of MPs would not support such an outcome. Indeed we have already expressed our views on this on January 29 when 318 MPs voted in favour of Caroline Spelman’s amendment against a “no deal”. It is disappointing that the Prime Minister is wasting precious time by asking us to reconfirm this position again.

I can also confidently and categorically confirm that the vast majority of my constituents do not want “no deal” either. Further details on the implications of a “no deal” can be found here: https://heidiallen.co.uk/brexit-1/'no-deal'-brexit-implications-2.html

Several Ministers have threatened to resign over a “no deal” Brexit, so I do not believe the Prime Minister will secure the support of The House for this on March 13th.

If this is the case, the Prime Minister has stated that on Thursday 14th March, she will allow a vote on the extension of Article 50 for a “short, limited” time. I am in favour of an extension because even if a deal could miraculously be agreed by Parliament tomorrow, there would not be enough time to get the necessary subsequent legislation through both the House of Commons and Lords before the 29th March.

There is some debate around what a sensible extension length would be, so I expect to see a variety of amendments brought forward, ahead of Thursday’s vote. Personally, I think we will need longer than a “short” time to achieve either a complete rethink on the Brexit deal towards a single market, customs union style Brexit, or a second referendum. These are the only types of Brexit that I am sympathetic to.

Amendments on all votes this week are likely. However, as we do not currently know what might be tabled, nor which amendments the speaker might select, it is difficult for me to take a position.

However, in addition to extending Article 50, I can confirm I will be sympathetic to amendments which would give Parliament the opportunity to express their opinion through indicative votes or would facilitate a second referendum.

To conclude, if the situation remains unchanged, this week I will vote as follows:

- Against the Prime Ministers deal

- Against a No-Deal exit

- For the extension of Article 50

I hope this helps clarify my stance on the current situation, but as usual, I will keep my twitter and website updated as the events of the week unfold.

Once again, I would like to emphasise that I will continue to act in the best interests of my constituents and country throughout these turbulent times.

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